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Baked Asian Kale Chips Recipe
These super delicious baked Asian kale chips are one of our original recipes, containing numerous ingredients commonly found in Oriental cuisine. These ingredients include organic sesame oil, organic soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, ground ginger, garlic powder, sesame seeds, and salt. All you have to do to create these Asian flavored kale chips is to simply follow our simple step by step recipe. The whole preparation and cooking process combined takes only about 25 minutes, yielding a super healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy. So put away those unhealthy processed chips and instead whip up a homemade batch of these vitamin and mineral packed Asian kale chips.
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This baked basic kale chips recipe calls for one bunch of fresh kale, extra virgin olive oil, and your favorite brand of organic seasoned salt. I strongly recommend using a seasoned salt that is all natural and free of any unhealthy flavor additives or preservatives. Many popular seasoned salt brands contain MSG and other additives that have been proven to be extremely harmful to the human body. It's very important to read the ingredients label in order to make sure that you're using an all natural organic product only. Homemade kale chips are very healthy to consume regularly, so you definitely don't want to add any ingredient to them that would otherwise make them unhealthy to eat to enjoy.
Our baked cheesy kale chips are another one of our healthy dairy free cheesy flavor recipes. This is by far one of our most popular kale chips recipes due to the amazing taste. The delicious cheese flavor is produced by combining the nutritional yeast, soaked raw cashews, chopped red bell pepper, organic soy sauce, and extra virgin olive oil. You will need an electric food processor to blend the aforementioned ingredients together. If you're not a fan of soy sauce then feel free to swap that ingredient out with sea salt or any other salty flavor alternative. Organic soy sauce does contain a lot of sodium, however, it's not particularly unhealthy for you if consumed in moderation.
Baked Crispy Kale Chips Recipe
Unlike most of our kale chips recipes which call for extra virgin olive oil, our baked crispy kale chips recipe incorporates the use of extra virgin coconut oil instead. The coconut oil will allow these kale chips to bake a little more crispy than usual. Additionally, the seasonings that we have selected go very well with the flavor of the coconut oil, especially the chili powder. These delicious crispy kale chips are also super easy to make, even a kitchen novice can whip together a flawless batch. You simply wash and rinse your bunch of kale, tear it into small to large chip size pieces, mix in the coconut oil and seasonings, and then slide them into the preheated oven on a parchment lined baking sheet.
Baked Easy Kale Chips Recipe
Our baked easy kale chips recipe features only the essential ingredients required to complete a batch of this delicious snack, hence the name. If you don't have extra virgin olive oil, then feel free to swap out that ingredient with canola oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or even walnut oil. The process of creating these kale chips is super easy, as is the case with all of our recipes. Simply preheat your oven, rinse off your kale, cut the leafy vegetable into chip size pieces, mix in the olive oil and salt, and then bake them in the oven. After the kale chips cool for 5 minutes they'll be ready to serve. They will keep for up to a full seven days if properly stored in a sealed container.
Baked Homemade Kale Chips Recipe
Our baked homemade kale chips recipe is absolutely delicious, featuring a unique blend of flavorful ingredients which include sherry vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and granulated table salt. If you haven't yet made a batch of kale chips with sherry vinegar, then you are really missing out on a wonderful experience. The flavor of the kale, salt, and olive oil combined with the sherry vinegar creates the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. In addition to tasting amazing on kale chips, sherry vinegar is also very healthy for you if consumed in moderation. Recent Japanese studies have concluded that sherry vinegar can help assist with weight loss, as it helps to suppress the body's appetite.
Baked Low Calorie Kale Chips Recipe
For those of you who enjoy low calorie snack foods, these 59 calorie per serving kale chips are perfect for you. Kale is naturally very low in calories, so most kale chips varieties are ideal for dieters and healthy eaters. We have, however, custom tailored this recipe so that the calorie count is even lower than usual, while still maintaining the same delicious flavor. You might notice that we've slightly reduced the called for amount of salt and extra virgin olive oil, while adding a healthy portion of fresh lemon juice. The lemon juice is the key ingredient, having been proven to speed up the body's metabolism and accelerate calorie burn. We highly recommend using fresh lemon juice only.
Baked Oven Kale Chips Recipe
Looking to try a kale chips flavor that you haven't already had before? If so then be sure to try our original baked oven kale chips recipe. The ingredients list calls for extra virgin olive oil, smoked paprika, garlic salt, ground thyme, and fresh lemon juice. This is one of my favorites, as I can't seem to get enough of the delicious and savory flavor blend. This unique kale chips recipe, as well as all of our others, is completely customizable. The individual ingredients can all be swapped out for alternatives or adjusted in volume. Common changes to this recipe include swapping out the extra virgin olive oil for extra virgin coconut oil, or replacing the garlic salt with table salt and freshly minced garlic.
Baked Parmesan Kale Chips Recipe
These baked parmesan kale chips are extraordinary and well worth trying. The ingredients list calls for extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, and shredded parmesan cheese. If you're a vegan then you can simply swap out the parmesan cheese within this recipe for dairy free Parma brand vegan parmesan, or any other tasty substitute. I personally enjoy standard dairy based parmesan cheese, as long as it's ethically and organically produced. Parmesan cheese has long been considered to be very healthy if consumed in moderation, as it's high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, magnesium, and selenium.
Baked Spicy Kale Chips Recipe
If you're looking for a kale chips recipe with a hot kick, then these baked spicy kale chips are definitely a must try. This hot and delicious recipe features cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper, granulated salt, and extra virgin olive oil. In addition to delivering a great flavor, these kale chips are also extremely healthy for your body. They're full of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, calcium, and cancer preventing antioxidants. The extra virgin olive oil will deliver an abundant amount of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, while the spicy hot seasonings will improve blood circulation, naturally increase your metabolism, and increase serotonin production in your brain.
Recipes 1 - 15
Recipes 1 - 15
Baked Best Kale Chips Recipe
These are one of the most delicious kale chips I've had to date, hence the name. What makes these baked best kale chips so delicious are ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, granulated salt, crushed red chili flakes, finely chopped almonds, garlic powder, and more. As is the case with all of our kale chips recipes, this particular recipe is totally customizable. Please feel free to replace any of the called for ingredients with your own alternatives. For example the finely chopped almonds, which give these baked best kale chips an added crunch, can be swapped out for finely chopped cashews instead. You can also replace the extra virgin olive oil with extra virgin coconut oil.
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These popular and super delicious baked salt and vinegar kale chips are an extremely healthy alternative to traditional salt and vinegar potato chips. The recipe calls for one bunch of fresh kale, sea salt, and distilled white vinegar. You can also use red or white wine vinegar, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, or cider vinegar if you prefer. If you don't have sea salt then simply swap that out for regular table or coarse salt. Like most of our other baked kale chips recipes this one can be fully completed in as little as 20 to 25 minutes. You don't need to be a chef or culinary expert in order to create a delicious batch of baked kale chips. They're simple to make and take very little time to produce.
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I'm a huge fan of chili sauce, so I decided to create this delicious baked chili sauce kale chips recipe. The recipe calls for fresh kale, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and your favorite brand of chili sauce. The called for amount of chili sauce is two tablespoons, however, if you use particularly spicy sauce then you might want to scale back the called for amount accordingly. I also recommend that you use a healthy chili sauce variety that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients such as MSG, flavor additives, or preservatives. You can buy organic all natural chili sauce from health food stores and large grocery store chains. Any flavor of chili sauce will work very well with this kale chips recipe.
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If you're a fan of cinnamon and sugar toast then you absolutely have to try out our baked cinnamon and sugar kale chips recipe. This sweet and scrumptious recipe calls for a fresh bunch of kale, extra virgin coconut oil, organic maple sugar, ground cinnamon, and sea salt. The recipe also works very well with extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil, and grapeseed oil. The other replaceable ingredient within the recipe is the organic maple sugar which can be swapped out for organic honey, coconut sugar, agave nectar, or barley malt syrup. All of the aforementioned sweeteners taste absolutely delicious mixed together with the ground cinnamon.
Baked Nutritional Yeast Kale Chips Recipe
These baked nutritional yeast kale chips are one of the most popular recipes in our entire database. The recipe calls for granulated salt, extra virgin olive oil, and half a cup of nutritional yeast. Once these ingredients bake they'll form an amazing cheesy flavor layered over the top of the crisp and delicious kale. While this recipe does take a little longer to complete than most of our other baked kale chips recipes, it is definitely worth the extra wait. I guarantee if you make these and serve them at a party, your friends and family will be begging you for the recipe. What's even better is that these baked nutritional yeast kale chips are healthy for you, unlike most other salty cheesy snacks.
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