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Baked Crispy Kale Chips Recipe
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Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cook Time
15 Minutes
Step 1: Please set your oven to a preheat temperature of 350 degrees F, or 175 degrees C.
1 Bunch of Fresh Kale
3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1/4 Teaspoon of Black Pepper
1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
Ready In
25 Minutes
1/8 Teaspoon of Chili Powder
Step 2: Now you will need to gently clean and rinse your fresh bunch of kale under warm tap water. If your kale isn't locally grown or organic then I would strongly recommend spraying it down with an all natural plant based vegetable spray. The spray will kill any germs on the plant, and then you simply rinse it off. To dry the kale shake it off then towel away any remaining water. Next, take out a kitchen knife and cut out the kale stalk which is inedible. Finally you will need to shred or tear your kale into desired chip size pieces.
Step 3: Take out a large mixing bowl and set it on to a flat kitchen surface. Place your kale chips into it. Take out a smaller mixing bowl and pour into it the extra virgin coconut oil, black pepper, salt, and chili powder. Using a metal whisk vigorously stir the oil and seasonings together until an even mixture forms. Once you're done mixing, evenly drizzle the oil over your fresh kale chips within the larger bowl. Using clean hands, manually toss and stir the kale so that you get an even coating of oil and seasonings on each piece. Don't crush the kale while you're manually mixing it up, as it will become soggy and wilted.
Step 4: For this fourth step you will need to set your freshly oiled and seasoned kale chips on to a cookie sheet lined with non-stick parchment paper. When arranging your chips make sure that they only slightly overlap. You definitely do not want to stack the chips, otherwise they'll stick together in the oven.
Step 5: Carefully place your cookie sheet into your oven. I usually place them on the middle or top rack. Let your kale chips bake for 10 to 15 minutes at the preheat temperature. I would strongly recommend turning on your oven light when baking the chips, that way you can keep a close eye on them just to make sure that they don't overcook or burn.
Step 6: Once your crispy kale chips have finished baking you will want to allow them to cool for 5 to 10 minutes before serving them. Be sure to eat some while they're still slightly warm from the oven.
Storage: Store you crispy kale chips in a sealed airtight vessel. Keep them at room temperature in a dark pantry or cabinet. If stored properly they should stay fresh for a full week or longer.
Health Benefits: These crispy baked kale chips are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and many more. Baked kale has proven cancer and heart disease fighting properties, and thus it should be regularly eaten. The extra virgin coconut oil within this recipe is also very healthy for you if eaten in moderation. The oil has been proven to regulate the body's metabolism, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and improve kidney function. Additionally, the chili powder in the recipe is proven to greatly improve blood circulation and stimulate cognitive function.
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